If you don't see your question below, please contact me so I can help you.


Can I have early morning or evening lessons?

  • Yes, if you are in a different time zone from me, then this is possible. Convert your local time to Eastern Time and make sure your desired hours fall between 0830 and 1700 Eastern.

Do you teach at weekends?

  • No, I don't teach at weekends. I have a busy schedule during the week so I need weekends to relax and recharge.

I don't have a regular working schedule. How can I arrange lessons?

  • Contact me. While most students have lessons on the same days every week, this isn't necessary. We can arrange your lessons around your work schedule.

What are your teaching hours?

  • I teach from 0830-1700, Mondays to Fridays. I'm in Ontario, Canada so those times are Eastern Time.

Cost / How Long

How long will it take me to get my TOEFL scores?

  • Every good, experienced teacher will give you the same answer...it depends.
  • Your current level, your target scores, the time you have to study, and your ability to learn and respond to feedback will all affect how long it takes to get your scores.
  • There is some guidance about study times on the TOEFL lessons page, but remember - this is just an estimate.

How do I know how many lessons I need?

  • I offer a free 30 minute video consultation for all students who are seriously interested in lessons. I will advise you about the number of lessons you should consider when we chat.

How much do lessons really cost?

  • This, of course, is connected to how long you need to study for. Information about lesson prices is on the TOEFL lessons page. But all my lesson packages include everything you need to study for TOEFL. There are no additional charges and I won't ask you to buy books or other resources.

I don't live in the USA or Canada, so how do I pay for lessons?

  • I use Stripe to process payments. It's a very secure payment system. Once we have agreed your lesson schedule, I will send you an invoice that is connected to my Stripe account. Then you can pay by credit card from anywhere in the world.

I can afford 12 lessons. Should I have 3 lessons a week for 4 weeks, or 2 lessons a week for 6 weeks?

  • In most cases, I'd advise 2 lessons a week for 6 weeks. This gives you longer to practice the skills you are learning and for connections to form in your brain.

Studying Online

Is studying online as effective as being in the same room with a teacher?

  • Yes, definitely. It all depends on the energy and motivation of the participants and I bring a lot of energy to lessons! If you have a strong internet connection, good WIFI and a reliable computer, then online classes are as effective as meeting in person.
  • Online classes are incredibly convenient as you don't have to worry about travelling somewhere for a certain time. You just open up your computer and we start the class. So, I think they are even better than in-person classes

I've never studied online before. How will I know what to do?

  • Don't worry. I use Zoom for lessons and it's really good for online teaching. If you have a problem, I can work out how to help you. I can share my screen so you can see what I'm doing, and also I have many handouts where I explain exactly what you should do.


Do you give homework? How much homework?

  • Yes! I give homework. You cannot learn unless you've had a chance to practice what we've done in lessons. The amount of homework depends on many different factors but you should plan for around 2 hours of homework after each lesson, as well as daily review and self-study.

Do you check my homework and give me feedback?

  • Of course! I check all your homework very carefully and give very detailed feedback. Sometimes I listen to speaking responses many, many times to work out how to help you. Your essays will be given back to you with bright colours and helpful hints all over them.

I've been studying for TOEFL for so long, I'm embarrassed.  Can you really help me?

  • Yes, I can! Some of the students I've worked with struggled for years before they studied with me. You need good advice, a study plan, and detailed feedback to help you improve. I can help with all of these.

Other Services

Do you have any group classes?

  • No, I'm not offering group classes at the moment. Most students benefit more from personalised 1:1 tuition and I prefer to help students that way.

Do you have an essay review service? Or a speaking responses review service?

  • No, I don't offer these services. I prefer to work with students in lessons because I find that discussions, the opportunity to ask questions, immediate feedback, and personalised homework review are much more effective.