TOEFL Lessons

with Birkenhead English

Online private lessons are a fast and efficient way of preparing for TOEFL.

If you've tried every method of studying but you still haven't achieved your target scores

I can help you.

I've been teaching online for 9 years and I've seen how effective online learning can be.

It really does change students' lives!

EVERY TOEFL lesson includes:

Detailed explanations so you know exactly what to do.

Live practice with immediate feedback.

Error correction with advice about reducing fossilized errors.

Practical exercises to help you build the skills you need.

Homework allocation and review.

Advice about keeping motivated and how to study by yourself.

Your lesson recording to review whenever you want.

Can I afford to have TOEFL lessons?

My question is, 'Can you afford NOT to have TOEFL lessons?'

READ THIS ARTICLE to understand why lessons are affordable and effective, and why they are the best way to prepare for your future.

How to Book Lessons



Please contact me directly to schedule lessons.

We can Zoom for a quick chat, and make a plan. I can normally schedule your lessons within a few days.

Lesson prices start at USD$60 for 1 hour and there are discounts for lesson packages. A lesson package of 12 lessons effectively includes 1 free lesson.

When we've worked out your lesson schedule, I'll prepare your personalized lesson plan, send you an online invoice and then that's it, we can start!

16 Lessons USD$885

This is the perfect package to raise your scores in speaking and writing. We can cover these skills in depth and work on strategies, reinforcement and practice.

If you have a low reading score and need help with grammar and vocabulary strategies, we can cover those in depth.

Or, you may like to use 2 months of instruction to boost your scores in all 4 skills.

I will create a personalized lesson plan for your specific needs.

How many Lessons do I Need?

I recommend that you consider 8 lessons as a minimum. This is equal to 1 month of instruction time.

Lesson packages of different lengths are available and they can easily be extended if you require more lessons.

Improving language proficiency is NOT the same as learning facts.

In order to get better at a language, you need to build skills.

Your new language skills will only become natural and spontaneous after several weeks of constant studying.

8 Lessons USD$450

We can cover 1 or 2 skills for review, reinforcement and practice if you're familiar with the exam.

We can focus on 1 skill if you need a big score increase or if you're uncertain of strategies.

We can specialize in delivery and pronunciation if you need help in those areas.

I will create a personalized lesson plan for your specific needs.

12 Lessons USD$650

If you're familiar with the exam, we can review all 4 sections and practice exam strategies.

Or we can focus on 1 or 2 skills if you need personalized, focused help to boost your score.

We can target fossilized errors and increase your accuracy in language use.

I will create a personalized lesson plan for your specific needs.

It can be scary when you calculate the cost of a lesson package and see that it will cost several hundred dollars.

I offer all my students the option to pay for lessons in instalments.

There is no extra charge for this (unlike big language schools who often add on several hundred dollars for this option).

If you:

need a big increase in scores

have gaps in your language proficiency

need to work on pronunciation and delivery

have fossilized errors to correct

have anxiety, memory, or recall problems

then you should consider a longer lesson package.

What's Included in Speaking Packages?

We start with a diagnostic speaking analysis

to assess your current level and to highlight any weaknesses.

A clear explanation of ETS's scoring rubrics

My popular colour-coded speaking task structures with timing guidelines

Skill building exercises to increase fluency and accuracy

Skill building automaticity exercises for Speaking Task 1

Your own personalized pronunciation practice document

Essential grammar structures for high-scoring responses

Personalized fossilized error correction exercises

Note-taking advice and examples

Sample responses for every speaking task

(including 2 responses for each Task 1 question because we practice answering Task 1 both ways)

My recordings of your speaking responses for you to practice delivery shadowing.

Live timed speaking practice with in depth feedback.

SpeechRaterTM credits to check your progress.

Each speaking lesson includes detailed feedback for several speaking responses (depending on your level).

Speaking lesson packages also include these unique extras:



What's Included in Writing Packages?

A clear structure, with detailed explanations, for writing a high-scoring essay.

Colour-coded sample essays showing you how to apply this structure to real essays

Vocabulary suggestions including tables of transition words and phrases.

Note-taking and listening skill-building exercises to raise your confidence

Academic Discussion Question

A choice of structures, with detailed explanations, for writing a high-scoring response

Advice and exercises for generating ideas quickly

Sample responses for all topics

Self study exercises and advice for focused practice

Vocabulary suggestions for fluent writing

Time management solutions and practice

Self study exercises and suggestions for focused practice.

Focused grammar explanations especially for TOEFL so you can write freely and quickly, using the complex grammar structures expected in high scoring responses.

Each writing lesson includes detailed homework review and feedback for at least 2 writing questions.

Integrated Essay

Writing lesson packages also include these unique extras:

We start with a full diagnostic writing analysis

to assess your current level and to highlight any weaknesses.



We also focus on the following important skills:

What's Included in Reading Packages?

All reading packages include:

A comprehensive pdf guide to the reading section and what to expect

Detailed strategies and suggestions for answering each question type, including specific strategies for difficult questions

How to recognize incorrect answer options and the traps and tricks they contain

Practice exercises to read faster and more effectively

Vocabulary learning guidance so you know where to concentrate your effort.

Skill building practice including scanning and speed reading

Time management advice and exam strategies that work when you're nervous and stressed

Reading lesson packages are focused on building the reading skills, comprehension and speed for you to be successful in the reading section while conserving the energy you need for the other sections of the exam.



Step by step strategies to build your listening comprehension

Proven skill building listening exercises that will quickly raise your listening score

Annotated lecture transcripts so you can understand the structure, and predict where questions will come from

Detailed strategies for every question type

Exercises to show how speaker clues, such as stress and pauses, can help your understanding

Vocabulary building advice

Exam strategies for dealing with difficult questions

What's Included in Listening Packages

Listening skills are often over-looked in TOEFL preparation, but competence in listening facilitates higher scores in speaking and writing as well. Listening skills are fun to work on and they generate big impacts.

All listening packages include:



It includes:

What Happens after Lessons?

I offer a Continuing Feedback and Support Package for all students who study with me.

It's the best of both worlds - study at your own pace, with my support, as you work towards your exam.

detailed feedback for your speaking and writing responses

support for reading and listening

skill building exercises

studying advice

motivational advice and encouragement

This is available for all students who have taken at least 4 lessons in speaking and writing with me, and who wish to continue studying by themselves with my support.

Over the last few years, there has been a big increase in the number of online language tutors. Basically anyone can say they teach TOEFL because there is no regulation.

Check your tutor's credentials VERY CAREFULLY before you make a decision about lessons.

The wording I use on this website is my own, original wording. I take care to write clearly for English language learners.

If you see my words repeated on other websites, then they have been copied. Please be cautious of these websites.

Coming Soon...

In this video, I explain what we do in lessons and how my personalized support means you'll be ready to conquer TOEFL sooner.