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Vocabulary for TOEFL Reading

Jane Birkenhead, July 12 2023

I see far too many posts on Facebook and Instagram where students ask for help with TOEFL reading and the comments fill up with advice about “learning vocabulary”. Please be aware that learning vocabulary is only a tiny part of the overall solution. You’ve got to understand how that vocabulary works in

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TOEFL Reading

TOEFL Reading: Are you Practicing the Right Way?

Jane Birkenhead, November 25 2022

Many students claim that TOEFL reading passages have got more difficult. Students who took the exam even a couple of years ago say that reading passages were easier then. So what's going on? Why do so many students think that TOEFL reading is much harder now? I think it's unlikely that the difficulty should have increased so much. TOEFL is an...

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TOEFL Reading

TOEFL and IELTS Reading Terms Explained

Jane Birkenhead, April 14 2022

Many TOEFL and IELTS resources talk about the different skills that are required for reading. They often focus on skimming and scanning, and don't separate these skills, which can cause confusion. Many test-takers don't really understand what these terms mean, while others believe that they should always skim and scan - and do both at the same time...

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