Toefl Lessons

TOEFL Lessons

Are TOEFL Lessons Worth the Money?

Jane Birkenhead, December 7 2022

If you're wondering if TOEFL lessons are really worth the investment, or if you're worried about the cost of paying for them, then I hope this article will address some of your concerns. If you have any other questions about TOEFL lessons, then please contact me. I’ve always believed in being open about what I charge for lessons, and my rate (USD...

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TOEFL Lessons

Getting Back to Studying

Jane Birkenhead, July 5 2022

I get messages like this every few months. And my first response is ALWAYS to invite the message writer for a chat so we can make a plan. It takes a lot of courage to write a message like this which is why I’m ready to help when someone contacts me. And there’s no reason to feel embarrassed. TOEFL is a tough, time-consuming exam. It’s easy to...

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