Toefl Lessons

TOEFL Lessons

Are TOEFL Lessons Worth the Money?

Jane Birkenhead, January 19 2024

If you're wondering if private TOEFL lessons are really worth the investment, or if you're worried about the cost of paying for them, then I hope this article will address some of your concerns. I've arranged this article into 4 separate sections to hopefully answer all your

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TOEFL Lessons

Getting Back to Studying

Jane Birkenhead, July 5 2022

I get messages like this every few months. And my first response is ALWAYS to invite the message writer for a chat so we can make a plan. It takes a lot of courage to write a message like this which is why I’m ready to help when someone contacts me. And there’s no reason to feel embarrassed. TOEFL is a tough, time-consuming exam. It’s easy to...

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