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TOEFL Speaking

How to Correct Fossilized Errors

Jane Birkenhead, March 18 2024

You know those errors that you make when you speak English? I'm talking about repeated errors - those errors that you keep making over and over again. Even though you know they are wrong, you just can't seem to stop yourself making them. They drive you crazy and make you wonder if you'll ever be able to speak English

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TOEFL Speaking

Other People don't Correct Mistakes

Jane Birkenhead, February 15 2024

“People at work don’t correct my mistakes!” “I had no idea I was making these kinds of errors!” I hear this from students a lot 😊 As we work through the requirements for IELTS or TOEFL speaking together, and as I give them feedback, they often realize that they’ve been making lots of errors that they didn’t know

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