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In 2021, I started to learn about the structure and requirements of IELTS.


I've done courses, attended webinars, participated in study groups, and practised lots of questions (!) to learn more about the exam.


In 2022 I began working with IELTS students. This is a very exciting step forward! I’m used to teaching TOEFL so it’s been fun adapting my methods to IELTS and learning about a whole new exam. The key to both exams is good English proficiency.


Recently I worked with a nurse who needed either a TOEFL or an IELTS score. Although he started studying for TOEFL, the work that we’d done on his grammar and vocabulary meant that he could easily switch to IELTS and we celebrated his successful 7.5 speaking score.

If you'd like to study for IELTS with me, then please contact me for more information.